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In order to truly achieve "premium-grade services to meet customer demand," the objective, we this company product quality, service commitment as follows:
1. The guarantee for the user to provide good pre-sale, sale and after-sale service, for users in order before introduction product properties and the application requirements and provide relevant materials, when the user staff officer.
2. The user needs technical training, to the key users quality tracking, user, timely according to user needs to improve product performance, and constantly improve the quality of products.
3. Since the date of products are sold out for the guarantee period of 12 months, the guarantee period of quality problems appear by Shanghai LongZao electric Co., LTD. Is responsible.
4. A cheque product "3 packets", the product is in "3 packets" period is indeed product quality problem, strictly fulfill the liability of compensation stipulated in the contract.
5. More than "3 packets" period, guarantee the products according to customers' demand repair parts and make repair service work.
6. For product accessories and parts with ex-works preferential provided.
7. Received user requirements solving product in the use of problems in the notification, the company in one hour makes initial response, major issues 24 hours arrived at the scene.
8. Key projects of form a complete set of equipment and product, make sure the required under the contract exchange, right to provide technical services will need to send professional technical service personnel to the open-package inspection and guidance of installation and debugging, until equipment properly.
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